Urban Rhino is a full-service media production house for live-action and animation.

Design-driven production company

Our productions are always distinguished by their originality, whether it´s shorter GIFs for social media, a longer infomercial or traditional commercials.

It is no coincidence that our team consists of a tight group of creative people from different parts of the world, who all love to challenge the limits of what’s possible in animation, stop motion and illustration.

Hands-on directors

Brikk is composed by Samuel Fast, Josef Andersson and Björn Johansson. Besides directing and creating treatment our directors work hands-on with animation and illustration. This gives us a unique overview of all phases of a project – from idea to finished production.

We have customers from all over the world who need complete and creative solutions. Thanks to our versatility together with a never-ending urge to discover we have become experts on finding new ways to tell stories.

Have a project idea?   We’d love to talk: hello@urbanrhino.com

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